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Michael A. Brown
Chief Administrative Officer / Partner

Mike Brown, CEO, Partner...with over 40 years experience in the business, Mike spends his days scouting new products and strategies to help our clients maximize there retirement planning. And when he's not doing that, you'll probably find him frustrating himself on the golf course.

Brandon K. Grimes
Sr. Advisor
Johnny Walker
Sr. Medicare Advisor

Brandon Grimes, Senior Advisor...With an extreme passion for helping families and businesses with their financial future, Brandon has many progressive ideas to help you reach your retirement goals. Brandon would be happy to meet with you any time at our office, home, coffee shop or his favorite place the GYM!

Susan Oxford
Operations Manager
Joshua A. Borders
Sr. Advisor, Director of Marketing, Partner

Josh Borders, Senior Advisor...As a new father, Josh knows the importance of planning ahead for your families financial security and future. With a specialty in working with small businesses, and college planning, he will design a plan that is both suitable and affordable. For Josh, the perfect retirement is a mountain stream and a Fly Rod. Let Josh help you plan your dream retirement.

Johnny Walker, Medicare..A Nashville native and seasoned advisor, Johnny believes the most  important decision a family can make is to plan correctly for retirement.  Johnny has spent the last 15 years advising seniors and business owners on retirement and health insurance planning. A meeting with Johnny will be educational, fun and most likely ending in friendship and a sing along on his front porch.

Susan Oxford, Operations Manager...For 15 years Susan has been the "GLUE" within our practice! To say that she is indispensable would be our world's largest understatement. Her ability to manage our business so effortlessly, continues to amaze us daily. When she isn't here, you will usually find her at the ballpark with her husband watching her son Jakob.


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