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I have been helping clients since June of 99 my focus has been in a few areas Providing Safe Money Options - Medicare – Life Insurance – give clients peace of mind when they choose to do business with me.  Many people come to me what to do now.  Meaning now I am done working or a life situation and I need some planning.  So, that means providing income for life – Tax Free income – Life insurance Planning – Estate Planning - Nursing Care protection.   


As a person of faith, I say to myself what would I do in the situation that each client presented to me plus I look at them as a family member.  Meaning what advice would I give my mother.


When I put together a plan, I try to set them up with products that are going to be very positive in which I will get the negative phone call of this is not working for me.  Therefore, I gather a lot information on the client. 


My wife and I enjoy travel and playing golf.  Spending time with extended family since we have no children. 

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